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Did you know that  almost 75% of job opportunities are never posted! Whether you are a seasoned professional, new or soon to graduate student, CCM is devoted to helping you find work, plain and simple. We want all of our candidates and clients to succeed, so we carefully match up candidates and employers for the best fit possible. Our team of professionals have developed a way for experienced students and young professionals to meet with industry leaders who are looking to hire you. 

Finding opportunities right out of school or searching for part time professional work can be challenging and establishing a network without experience can be next to impossible. While  many of the resume sites may utilize algorithms to determine a candidates match, we take the time and dedication to ensure a successful match. We go the extra step to provide you with an opportunity to gain essential skills and add to your professional resume.  

Comprehensive Consulting & Management, LLC is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Epee Education. We now offer services to provide candidates with a virtual training platform to learn what schools and universities never teach.  Epee's vast library of online courses help advance your career with presentations by industry professionals who share both their knowledge and actual experiences so you can learn from their decades of working complex, real world situations. 

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